This is a garage built 1927 Ford T Roadster replica, fiberglass body. It is built from the ground up, frame, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, etc. Although a 27 Ford replica, the drivetrain is all GM, Chevrolet. The engine is an S10 2.8 V6, TBI fuel injected with all electric and computer controlled. The transmission is a 700r, from the same S10. Both are 1987 model year. The front axle has all new disc brake system, calipers, rotors, etc. The rear end is also S10 with all new drum brakes, new drums, shoes and wheel cylinders. All brake lines and master cylinder are new. The rear suspension is leaf spring. The floor is 10ga steel, well reinforced. The fuel cell is new as well as new fuel pump and lines. The steering box is reversed corvair. The instrument panel is also S10, all gauges work as well as the speedometer.

Location: Lewisburg, Tennessee, United States

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