You won’t have any worries on a journey like that either, thanks to a venerable 350 cubic inch crate engine, a powerplant that’s legendary for its reliability and power. These engines have already proven themselves to be strong, easy to service, and if you want upgrades, they’re just a phone call away. Topped by an Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor, it breaks no new ground, but it’s plenty powerful and totally reliable. Ram’s horn exhaust manifolds feed a true dual exhaust system with glasspack-style mufflers, so it sounds retro but isn’t overpowering on the road. Underneath, the chassis is still mostly 1941 Ford, including the rigid front axle and transverse leaf springs at both ends. We even believe that’s the original 3-speed manual transmission, which has somehow been attached to the Chevy powerplant, so it feels quite authentic. Cool steel wheels add an old-school feel and carry 205/70/15 blackwalls for a purposeful look.

Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States