If you’re going to be spending all your time behind the wheel peering into the exposed engine bay, then it better be something as wild as this one. In fact, the 350 cubic-inch V8 might require sunglasses if you’re going to be looking at it all the time. All the polished components (air grabber, radiator, valve covers, hoses, etc.) radiating from the front is pure intimidation. Beyond its great looks are upgraded components like a Mallory ignition system, electric fan, and a Quick Fuel 750 CFM four-barrel carburetor. Oh yeah, and you might have also noticed the Dyer 671 supercharger so boldly resting on top of the block. Plus, we know you love those side pipes with how they boldly they exit this V8, and they make a thunderous roar that will make people stand at attention long before they see you. You’ll also love showing off the suspension with the tubular front axle on a transverse leaf spring front, and the adjustable coilover four-link rear. Plus, the three-speed automatic transmission and front disc brakes makes getting down the road easy.

Location: Concord, North Carolina, United States

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Originally listed on October 31, 2016. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.