1936 International Harvester traditional hot rod rat rod pickup truck. This is been my pride and joy for many many years now and now it is time for her to go. The truck looks killer and the stance is perfect on the truck. The truck has a perfect angle chop to give it that fast look, even just standing still. The truck cab has been channeled to sit over the¬†custom fabricated chassis which accents the overall look of the truck. The truck has been chopped with an approximately 1″ difference from the front to back and that is how the truck gets that angled chop that looks so good. The whole chassis was custom¬†fabricated. It is built with reliability and stability in mind. You can safely take the truck down the highway at any speed and hit bumps and pot holes in the road and not have to worry about the integrity of the frame. The truck was built with reliability in mind and as the number one priority.

Reno, Nevada, United States