A gentleman who was 19 in 63 started building this car a year later he got married and the unfinished car was put in a barn until winter of 2014 when I purchased car. when he began building car in 63 he used  a 1930 model a frame with a kick up in rear and model a cross member in front (which has the original vin number that the car is registered under) a 1935 dodge front axle and 57 chevy 350 gear rear end the suspension is all vintage buggy spring with wishbones and a brand new fiberglass body. When I brought it home I boxed the frame added a reversed corvair steering box, set the motor and tranny mounts and built the gas tank mount, fiber glassed the floor and firewall and wired, plumbed the car and added a tanks inc gas tank all which is new.  the motor built by Randy Walls (look him up) is a 327 with aluminum heads and edelbrock air flow dual plane intake under a holley 650 carb, it has a special ground solid lifter roller cam,the ignition is msd with a 6al box approx hp is 375-400 in front of a built street/strip 350 tranny. everything in motor and tranny and whole car  have less than 1000 miles since finished . the interior was custom made by a friend from Australia in a brown distressed material and has NOS military aircraft belts and the floor and firewall is old license plates with a quick disconnect three spoke wheel, the windshield is 12″ tall. the wiring is very simple and all new,with a three gauge panel, one switch operates ignition lights tail lights starting and it has a battery kill switch for the odyssey battery The tires are 145-15 up front and hoosiers 31-12.50-15 in back all on steel wheels, the brakes are aftermarket chevy for model a spindles and 57 chevy drum in rear. The car has many cool features like wrenches for headlight mounts, a vintage fog horn operated by a pull chain 37 ford tail lights and much more gets attention everywhere I go

El Cajon, California, United States